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The Monster In Jack.

It's been a cold winter for Toronto, with wind frigid enough to freeze your nostrils together. Perfect weather to bundle up under a warm blanket, sip on some canned hot chocolate (because let's be real, I'll probably NEVER make anything from scratch ever), and read a cheery tale of mayhem and murder at the behest… Continue reading The Monster In Jack.


Vacation Roundup.

I've been sick my entire vacation. Not sick sick, just a minor cold, but still. October 1st, I woke up with sinus pain and a head that felt two sizes too big. I spent the first two days lying on my couch drinking orange juice and watching Breaking Bad episodes. Last weekend, in spite of… Continue reading Vacation Roundup.

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The War On Print.

Writing is hard. Writing is not passive, it's passionate and gut-wrenching and difficult and sometimes I just don't want to do it. Some days I just want to read and relax and not think about putting words to paper and mentally vomit out the thoughts I've been collecting all week. In fact, that's why I… Continue reading The War On Print.